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Office Update

Posted by Heart & Sole on 09/02/2019 10:00

Hello to all our wonderful customers,

I want to thank you for your support over the past 18 months.

The time is upon us to move onto the next stage of the business, and that will be to take the Heart & Sole brand online only.

The showroom was perfect for our beginnings and gave a fabulous proof of concept to the quality and originality of our products.

Our last day open will be 16th March and from now until then we'll be having a large discount across all our ranges.

Our new opening hours until this are as follows; 

Monday - Saturday 10:00 - 16:00.

Thank you for everything and we look forward to sharing the next part of our journey with you.



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Dr. Munster and his colleagues analyzed four ways of killing the virus: UV light-weight, dry heat, vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) and ethyl Liquor. Of Individuals approaches, they didn't endorse ethyl alcohol because although it killed the virus, it degraded the mask material.

The scientists first analyzed samples of N95 product to which Dwell virus had been applied. That work was done in a very biosecure lab. Soon after cure, they cultured virus particles from the fabric to check out Should the shielding remained helpful in limiting transmission.

Then they tested a similar strategies on whole masks with no virus to find out whether or not their composition and operating have been ruined after rounds of decontamination.

Dr. Munster explained that whether or not decontamination labored flawlessly, however the mask now not in good shape “then obviously your mask is not really great for reuse anymore.”

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide, a way generally obtainable in large hospitals, was helpful, and left the masks nonetheless operating for at least a few rounds of decontamination, as did UV light-weight.

Dry heat, at 70 levels Celsius or 158 degrees Fahrenheit, was effective, even so the masks withstood only two rounds of decontamination. Dr. Munster reported that “vaporized hydrogen peroxide might be the strategy of selection if that’s obtainable.” On the other hand, he mentioned, a nursing home may not have that, although for dry heat, what’s wanted is basically an oven.

Dr. Lynn Goldman, dean of George Washington College’s Milken Institute College of Community Well being, claimed in an electronic mail that she considered The brand new research was an “superb contribution.” She mentioned it had been “practical to see that both VHP or UV can effectively sterilize N95 masks and make them readily available for reuse around 3 times.”

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One of several authors of that paper, Dr. Anand Kumar within the College of Manitoba, said that his process was a bit various from Dr. Munster’s in that it did not examination the framework and facial fit with the mask, only the filtering potential of the fabric.

The suggestions and conclusions in The 2 papers are meant to be practical for establishments that have wellness treatment employees wearing N95 masks. With personalized protective gear In a nutshell source at lots of overcome hospitals, some front-line personnel, including doctors and nurses, have complained that masks have been rationed.

The general public has long been encouraged not to implement or attempt to buy N95 masks mainly because they will be depriving wellness care employees of lifesaving tools.

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