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Who are Andrea?

Posted by Heart & Sole on 01/11/2018 17:00

Andrea is one of the biggest names in Latin America and here is their story.

Since it's inception in 1973, Andrea has become one of the biggest names in Mexico's fashion world.

As of this moment they have;

5.4 million likes on Facebook

344k follows on Google+

47k followers on Twitter

20k Subscribers on Youtube

8k followers on Pinterest

212k followers on Instagram


The Timeline of Andrea

The company began in November 1973 in a small workshop in Mexico City, and sales were made via flyers.


In 1980 manufacturing was moved to León, Guanajuato.


1990 sees the consolidation of the organisation and the expansion across Mexico, stores open in Guadalajara, Tijuana, Veracruz, Iztapalapa, Monterrey, Ciudad Juárez, Mexicali, and Hermosillo.

On October 17 1990 the first León store was opened.

In March 1998 the first Andrea Distribution Centre was created to supply the growing demand of Andrea products.

September 1998 saw Andrea transfer their Corporate Offices to León.


The first US Store opens in Chulavista, California in October 2001, beginning the internationalisation of Andrea.

2005 sees the introduction of 'Mía by Andrea', the launch of their Lingerie and Corsetry brand.

Spring-Summer 2006 sees the Andrea mens collection become the FERRATO brand.

For Spring-Summer 2007  Andrea introduce IU, the brand created for their own line of cosmestics.

Andrea Storefront

Present Day

There is now 145 stores across Mexico and 18 in the US.

To supply the demand for all this there are now 2 national Distribution Centres and 6 regional Distribution Centres located across Mexico and the US.

Throughout all this they stick to their motto;

'En el nombre del diseño' which translates to 'In the name of design'.

Andrea Logo

Andrea Ferrato

Andrea Accessories

Andrea IU

Brand Line 3


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